Whilst it is not always necessary for a photographer to have terms and conditions for bookings when working with models, I feel it is important to provide anyone working with me, with a clear list of my expectations and these terms and conditions.


Unless otherwise stated in writing, I (Matt Belshaw) retain copyright ownership of all images/video and any publication, transmission or alteration of any kind is prohibited without the express written permission of myself. This also includes any “unintentional” cropping, styling or other alterations made by any social media platform.
Any profit gained from sale or redistribution of these images must be paid to me(Matt Belshaw) unless otherwise stated in a written agreement or usage license which permits sale or redistribution by any other person or organisation. These terms are standard business practice and failure to abide by them may result in prosecution.

Booking fees:

Any fee’s required prior to engagement will be discussed and agreed to during the initial discussion with any client and is on a case by case basis.

Time for [] shoots (hereafter referred to as TF):

Upon agreeing to a TF shoot, all parties acknowledge that they have read these terms and conditions and are bound by them. A TF shoot is defined as a shoot upon which no monetary reimbursement is provided to any party involved and is instead provided to each party by means of each party providing their professional services as applicable. I agree to provide a usage license for non-profit self promotion of all Images which are chosen from the editorial process. I reserve the right to veto any image from editorial process which I consider to be not of a standard which represents my best work. All parties involved in any TF shoot are bound by the Copyright terms and conditions stated on this page.


I do not charge a cancellation fee except in the case that I incur any costs as a result of the cancellation, including but not limited to, lost studio time and fees owed to third parties. Everyone involved in a shoot or other professional activity should be notified of any cancellation at the earliest possible time (i.e immediately upon knowing that it is necessary)  by telephone. Failure to provide sufficient notice of a cancellation will lead to negative references being placed where applicable without exception.


I will always conduct myself in a professional manner in person and in correspondence. I will ensure the safety and comfort of all involved parties present during any professional activity where reasonably practicable. I always respect the privacy of all those involved and will take all necessary precautions to minimise the risk of that privacy being violated.

I reserve the right to terminate any professional activity without warning. This will normally only occur under the following circumstances

  • if I feel that the safety of myself or another person is at stake.
  • If any person present is clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • If any person present displays threatening behaviour
  • If equipment becomes lost, damaged or stolen
  • Any person present makes sexual advances to any other person present unless such advances are required by the shoot itself.


I expect that anyone working with me to provide at least one telephone number upon which they can be reached. Whilst this may not be the means by which the majority of our correspondence is carried out, it is necessary in case of an issue arising. This telephone number will not be used for social calls unless the number holder agrees that it is desirable to do so. This number will not be provided to third parties under any circumstances.